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Online Banking Update Information

What: Scheduled Online Banking services update

When: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 from 6am – 11am (Central Time)


In an effort to provide our clients the best banking services as possible, a scheduled update to our Online Banking services will occur on December 12, 2017. During the update, online banking services will not be accessible from the Home Federal website ( or the Home Federal mobile app. Once you’re able to login again successfully, you’ll know that the update has been completed. (NOTE: Depending on your mobile device settings, you may need to update the Home Federal app after 11am on December 12 to be able to login again.)

Rest assured that your account(s) will remain secure during this time and that any online transactions made after 5pm December 11 will be effective December 12. Transactions processed in one of our branches during the outage will be reflected within online banking once the update is complete. Should you have any time-sensitive banking transactions needed during our downtime on December 12, please make plans to visit or call your local Home Federal branch. You can find location information here.

While this update should go unnoticed for most, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your patience during the outage. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 888.489.5355.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q   I can refrain from accessing my Online Banking during the update, but is there anything else I need to do?
A   No. The update should happen seamlessly, and you should be able to use your Home Federal Online Banking services via internet browser or mobile app as usual, once the update is complete. (Depending on your phone settings, you may need to update your mobile app.)
Q   Will I be notified once the update is complete?
A   We will send you an email once the update is complete, but it may not be instantaneous. Feel free to attempt your login periodically – once you’re able to login again, you’ll know the update has been completed.
Q   Will my Online Banking look different after the update?

There will be minimal cosmetic and functionality changes for the client. The biggest notable change will be the tiled account look on the accounts homepage compared to the list view of accounts seen before the update (see below).

New Tiled Accounts Homepage:
New Tiled Accounts Homepage

Q   Why isn’t the login page for online banking working for me anymore?
A   The most likely reason is that the website address (URL) of the login page was bookmarked on your computer. The URL changed because of the update, so your bookmark will need to be updated as well. Please change your bookmark from:
To this new login page URL:
Should you have further difficulty, please call us at 888.489.5355.
Q   What if I need to transfer funds during the outage?
A   Please stop in or call your nearest Home Federal location for assistance.
Q   If I submitted a check via mobile deposit after 5pm on December 11, will it still post to my account?
A   Yes, the mobile deposit will be processed and effective December 12, however you will not see the credit until approximately 7pm December 12.
Q   If I have a BillPay payment scheduled for December 12, will it still go through?
A   Yes, if you previously scheduled payments to post December 12, there is nothing more to do.