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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to make deposits electronically without a trip to the bank!

Nothing is easier for making check deposits to your business account.

It’s ideal if you:

  • Find it difficult to leave your business during the day
  • Make frequent deposits
  • Deposit large dollar checks
  • Have offices away from Home Federal locations

Advantages to YOU!

  • CONVENIENCE  - Make deposits anytime throughout the day, 24/7
  • RETURNED DEPOSITS – Find out if a check deposited is good faster than traditional deposit methods
  • SAVE TIME – Checks can be deposited through the scanner immediately when you receive them for payment
  • SAVE MONEY – The cost to have Remote Deposit Capture is minimal. No up front fees and we provide the scanner at no additional cost to you

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Electronic Payments

Offering your tenants, members, donators and customers a convenient option to send you money will increase your cash flow!

Through our Business eBank, you can pull payments from consumers or businesses in which you have a preauthorized arrangement.  The dollar amount can be the same for each payment cycle or the amount may vary. Direct Payment and Corporate payments are a secure, accurate and on–time payment method.

How do you benefit?

  • You are ensured timely payment or collection
  • The timing of receipts is more predictable and reliable
  • Efficiency is increased with your employees
  • Processing costs are reduced
  • Exception processing is reduced
  • Consumers appreciate having a payment option that is reliable, accurate, convenient, on time and CONFIDENTIAL!

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Credit Card Processing

Learn More About Credit Card Processing

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are big business which translates into big profits! Gift cards continue to be the most requested gift for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.

This is the perfect solution to grow your business! Gift Cards are cost-effective and integrate directly with your current point-of-sale terminal.  Choose from Basic, Standard or Custom Cards.


  • Bring in new Customers
  • Increase sales and profit
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Popular with customers
  • Simple to manage

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Debit Card

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