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Electronic Deposits

Paying your employees or vendors couldn’t be easier! Electronically transfer a payment from your business to the checking or savings account of an employee, retiree, taxpayer, shareholder or vendor. A single payment can be divided between several different accounts and in many cases, between different financial institutions.

How do you benefit?

  • Businesses can print and store fewer checks
  • Lost and stolen checks are eliminated
  • Bank service charges are reduced. It typically costs more to process a paper check than a direct deposit
  • The potential for errors is reduced – Electronic deposits require less manual handling than a check
  • Account reconciliation is simplified
  • Fraud is reduced – there is less potential for counterfeit checks, stolen checks or signature plates, altered amounts, and forged signatures
  • Administration and processing costs are reduced
  • Employee productivity is increased – employees spend less time away from work to cash or deposit payroll checks

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Business Bill Pay

Pay virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere with Business Bill Pay. Schedule payments in advance, or establish recurring payments.

An Exercise in Efficiency. Quick and easy to use.  

Making a bill payment has never been easier. In its simplest form, Business Bill Pay is the online tool your small business can use to issue payments. But it is so much more. From this single resource you can:

  • Save payee information for future payments
  • Schedule recurring payments
  • Easily review transaction information
  • Multi-user access – Set up other employees to create or approve payments. You can specify different limits for each user.
  • Schedule recurring or one-time payments
    • Set up automatic payments for recurring expenses of same amounts, such as rent or mortgage payments.
    • Make one-time payments for different amounts at different times, like the telephone or electrical power bill.
    • Schedule payments in advance
    • Include invoice numbers
    • Store payee information so it’s easy to schedule future payments.
    • Require payment approvals so that you can easily monitor payments before they are sent.
  • Keep track of payments
    • Review payments that are pending, make changes or cancel them.

Saves time, costs and paper - Can potentially offer a significant savings on the costs associated with printing and mailing checks. For no extra charge, clients can get their bills online (E-Bills) from a growing list of companies.

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Business Credit Cards


Visa® Platinum Business Rewards Card

Visa® Business Travel Card

  • Special $50 bonus and 0% Introductory APR
  • 1% unlimited cash back, plus double reward points on travel and lodging
  • $50 company fee with free employee cards

Visa® Business Card

Apply for a business credit card now! For more information, Contact Us. You can also contact any of our local branches for applications.

Visa Business Company Card

The Company Card is for the growing companies and provides enhanced service, reporting and higher revolving credit lines. Developed to meet the needs of large incorporated businesses and nonprofit organizations, the Visa Business Company Card relies on the strength of the organization during the approval process.

Visa Corporate Card and Purchasing Card

The Corporate Card and Purchasing Card provide all of the management and administrative tools you need to control spending throughout your organization. Unlike personal charge cards, the Élan One Card lets you prevent certain expenditures. Flexible authorization system controls at the cardholder level ensure the program is only used for specific categories of merchandise and types of suppliers.

Business Debit Card with UChoose Rewards

Business Debit Cards are safer than carrying cash, more widely accepted than checks, and perfect for purchasing supplies, entertainment, services and more.

How can you benefit?

  • Automatically deduct funds from your business checking account - no need to write a check, show identification, or wait for check approvals.
  • No monthly payments or finance charges
  • No need to carry extra cash or keep a lot of petty cash on hand with millions of acceptance locations
  • Request extra cards for your employees with preset spending limits

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Debit Card

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