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Meet the Mortgage Team

Our team can provide you with step-by-step guidance and help you determine the home financing option that is best for you.

Don't see your town? Any one of our team members below can help you out.

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Albert Lea





La Crescent

Trevor Birch - Mortgage Team

Trevor Birch
NMLS# 635068
Trevor's Info

Megan Crouch - Mortgage Team

Megan Crouch
NMLS# 715532
Megan's Info

Leslie Schmidt - Mortgage Team

Molly Barwald
NMLS# 516999
Molly's Info

Brett Kemmer - Mortgage Team

Brett Kemmer
NMLS# 411288
Brett's Info




Darren Michel - Mortgage Team

Darren Michel
NMLS# 715564
Darren's Info

Kelly Waugh - Mortgage Team

Kelly Waugh
NMLS# 786161
Kelly's Info

Kim Novotny - Mortgage Team

Kim Novotny
NMLS# 756172
Kim's Info






Spring Valley

Kim Taylor - Mortgage Team

Kim Taylor
NMLS# 400894
Kim's Info

Pam Bleifus - Mortgage Team

Pam Bleifus
NMLS# 404372
Pam's Info

Zach Kovash - Mortgage Team

Zach Kovash
NMLS# 712118
Zach's Info

Leslie Schmidt - Mortgage Team

Leslie Schmidt
NMLS# 649412
Leslie's Info



Kim Trainor - Mortgage Team

Kimberly Trainor
NMLS# 643203
Kim's Info